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Is is Possible to count any particular address bit of Siemens PLC?

Dear All

i have project in which i monitor shared variables of Siemens PLC.

i stuck on to count memory address from PLC.

i want to count any particular address say "M0.5"  that how many time used in whole project.

is it possible to count that from labview and display count value as a integer on front panel of my labview project?

Please help



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Hi Asif,


Just to clarify, are you asking if you can count the number of times a value is read from a particular memory address while running your project? Or are you asking how you can count the number of explicit references that have been defined for a specific memory address in your project?


Additionally, what is the specific model of your PLC and how are you communicating with it?




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You might be able to count the instances of a specific shared variable with scripting. It wouldn't be easy. And if you succeed, it will not work in an executable.

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any idea how to write script?



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Do you know how to use Google search? Just search for "VI scripting" or "LabVIEW scripting" keywords.

One hit:



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