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Is cRIO-9073 compatible with LabVIEW 8.5.1?

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I just received a cRIO-9073 and a cRIO-9074.


When I configure them, both of them appear properly in MAX.


When I add them to a LabVIEW project, the cRIO-9073 does not show its FPGA target. The cRIO-9074 does show it.


I am using LabVIEW 8.5.1, is it compatible with the cRIO-9073?


Thanks for any help.



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Accepted by Michel_L

Hi Michel!


According to the following link, the FPGA and Scan interface of the cRIO 9073 are only supported in LV 8.6 using the driver NI-RIO 3.0.

The link where you can check compatibility is:


Have a nice day!


Oswald Branford

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Hi Oswald,


Thank you very much for the very prompt response. This should solve my problem.


Also, after I read you message, I finally found the link to the software revision/compatibility file in the CompactRIO cRIO-9072/3/4 Operating Instructions and Specifications on page 3:

 "Notes Visit and enter the info code rdsoftwareversion to determine

which software you need to use the cRIO-9072/3/4."


Thanks again for your help


Michel Lanthier


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