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Is There a 'vi.lib' flag that can be read using VI server?

Hi all,

in a large LV7.1 project (>700 VIs) I accidently 'saved with options' and forgot to uncheck 'include VI.lib'. Unfortunately I did not recognise this during several days of heavy coding. Now I have all those 'system' VIs from vi.lib in my project directory and have them havily interlinked with my code :-(( I would like to relink back to the vi.lib, but can not affort doing this all manually. I thought of writing a little tool that wanders through my project tree, detects all mislinked components from VI.lib and replaces them with their originals.
Any ideas how to detect those vi.lib-components? Or is the whole idea unfeasable and not worth the try? Any other thoughts?

TIA   and Greetings from Germany!

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I believe there is a utility in the NI Example Programs repository on that will remove vi.lib VIs from your distribution.  Search for "remove" and "vi.lib" and see if anything comes up.


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 One option would be to

1) write a VI with the “List Folder” primitive to get a lit of all the VIs in vi.llib.

2) Then write a VI that will rename any VI in your project dir that is also in vi.lib (something like to someFile.bk).

3) Now load up your project / Mass compile your project dir. It should search for all the missing subVis and find them in VI.lib and fix up your linkage.

4) Provided everything worked you can now remove the .bk files

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thanx for your hint.
I have downloaded '' from
and reviewed it - impressive.
The key is that a mass compile does a search & relink with vi.lib. The process took quite a while, but finished successfully and removed 141 vi.lib components. I'll save the results now and try it out tomorrow at work. I'll repost than.
Thanx again!
Greetings from Germany!

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