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Is PXIe-8238 supported by Pharlap OS

I Installed a PXIe-8238 card in a PXIe-1082 chassis however it does not show up in MAX.


Is this card supported by Pharlap OS?


I downloaded PXIe9238EthDriver.exe however i don't see any new software installation options on RT target.


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Where do you expect it to show up in MAX? I don't think any PXI ethernet (or serial) cards show up in the chassis in MAX. They show up as additional ethernet ports, as far as I remember directly in the controller ethernet configuration pages.

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Hi all.


In my understanding, it should show on MAX. Here I provide a guide to troubleshoot through this.

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I can see the PXIe chassis fine in MAX. I just can't see the PXIe-8238 under devices and interfaces nor under network adapters.

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