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Is NI-Vision 16-bit BCG subvi incorrect?

I've been having the this same issue, and I read this thread and downloaded the last vi, but I was wondering two things:

1.  Where is the gamma function in the vi, you have brightness and contrast covered.

2.  The camera I use is a 12-bit firewire, and I use IMAQ IEEE1394 2.0 where you have to set the bit depth to 16-bit in order to see it correctly, is the new bit depth assignment going to affect this calculation?

I currently use the attached program that NI helped me with a few years ago.
I was wondering if there is a better formulation, because after we switched to 2.0 it has not performed like it use to.
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Hello Christos and amd163,

As with previous versions, the latest version of Vision (7.1.1) only supports 8 bit images in the IMAQ BCGLookup VI.  Also note that Vision still only supports signed 16 bit images.

As previous posts have noted, it is possible to create your own lookup table to apply brightness, contrast, and gamma.  An example program used to be available online that accomplished this for 16 bit images.  This example did not take into account that all images between 9 and 16 bits use the signed 16 bit image type.  We are working on releasing a new example program that will create proper lookup tables for 9 to 16 bit images.
The attached code will allow you to load a 9 to 16 bit image from file and adjust the brightness, contrast, and gamma.  Make sure to select the path and actual bit depth before running the VI.  Hopefully this will give you a good starting point.
Best Regards,
Jesse D
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Hello, i was wondering if Labview came with a new release of a BCG controller that supports 16bit images, the one that you have released does not work properly. I just installed Labview and Vision 8.2 but it still only supports 8bit images. Do you have any new release that we can use? It is almost 2 years now since your previous reply.

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Unfortunately, the BCGLookup VI is the only solution provided in LabVIEW to perform brightness, contrast, and gamma.  The example program posted here is still the best option available to perform this task.  I would encourage you to create product suggestion here to show the Vision developers that this is a feature that is still being requested.


Jasper S

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The BCG adjustment that you made for supporting 16 bit images does not work properly anymore with new versions of labview 8.6.1.

I am wondering why so many years after and this was not included in the NI vision as an actual VI. The one that is in NI vision only support 8bit images.

It is a very useful controller to have it working with 16 bit images which is a bit depth that a lot of people are using.

Are you ever planning to make this change or release a new version of the controller in the NI forum?

Thank you,


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