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Is Marker Values[] used on X and Y axes?

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I see some strange behavior with the property Marker Values[] for the X and Y scales of a graph.  I know what the markers are in the color scale of an intensity graph, but I don't understand it conceptually for X and Y.  Does it just refer to the tick marks?  That wouldn't really make sense, because those are handled with properties such as "range" and "style". Furthermore, if I look at the Marker Values[] with a property node, the array is empty, as if it's not used.  But if I assign that same empty array to the Marker Values[] of an identical graph, it makes the intermediate tick marks and values disappear.  What's going on?

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Well, I can answer part of my own question:  If I assign a constant to Marker Values[], it does indeed create tick marks and values at those locations, just like the color scale for the Z-axis.  It's odd though that the tick marks that naturally occur don't show up in Marker Values[]. It's like an alternative way to represent the axis.  Is this what was intended, or is this a bug?

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Hello braker,


I do not believe this is a bug.  If you look at the help, it is 'an array of user-defined marker values.'  Since the defaulted marker values are not user-defined, it will not return anything.





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Ok, that makes sense.

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I wonder if there is any way to get the marker values that are automatically created.

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yscale-->Marker Values

When using auto-scale for a Waveform Graph, reading from the property node

"Marker Values" gives you an empty array.

How do you retrieve marker values that you want to transfer to a new Graph which may be

a different physical size (and in a different .vi), but you want the same markers ?

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