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Invalid requested id (web service labview 8.6)

Here you go!!!!

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thanks a lot !! i'll take some time to try this out first

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sorry to trouble again. when i opened the attached file seems got vi conflict and the client file is missing. can u give the full file one more time.

sorry for the trouble 😃

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No Problem, attached project.

Should work.


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thank you so much !! i already can get the XML data 😃

btw, can you tell me how then if i want to view through the client page ? what URL should i use ? i try with URL mapping /static and use URL http://localhost/ECG/static/Main.swf but cannot work =(

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No there was no XML data, I tried initially didnt work. As if you need stream XML data following settings required.





For receving XML data use javascript function, publish into web page use following functions.




ajaxGet = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");"GET",http://localhost:8080/ECG/Array, true);

ajaxGet.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/xml");

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i already did according to your guide. i get the XML data but, still i can't view my client page. i got Acces Error when i try to open it.

i had attached my Flex client code and the project file i used. if possible can u try look at it =))

One more question, the flush output vi from my main vi seems having error. This happened when i try to run the main vi from the front panel. do you have any idea of this situation.

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Give me some time to work on, as i dont have flash on my pc.

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okay no problem take your time... i already thanks u a lot !!

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hi! did you manage to solve it ? i'm waiting for your reply 😃

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