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Invalid requested id (web service labview 8.6)

Hello, I'm having problem with my project.  I'm actually want to monitor some external circuit waveform signal from the web using the DAQmx and the web service available in labview 8.6. I have done some VIs by referring to the example "webservicedemo" provided in NI website. But when I try to run the project it showed error message saying that the possible reason is the invalid requested id was wired in. I had attached my project file here. Can anybody help me to fix the problem ?. Really appreciate any help from anyone since I have to complete this project for my graduation...

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this is the zip file

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You can't execute it standalone, just build it and deploy on your machine. Try to make thin Java based web page to get XML data.

For other machine, make an executable for this project.

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Thanks for your kind reply. I have three question in mind. Since I'm not really familiar with building website, please kindly correct me if I'm wrong:

1. Is Java based web page similar with Javascript ? Can I use flash builder to create the Web applications ? any other better suggestion ?
2. From the VIs that I attached, are they all alright or is there any correction to do so that it will work correctly with the web page ?
3. What do you mean "For other machine, make an executable for this project" ?  Do I need to install anything for the other machine ?

I really appreciate your help and hope you can guide me for completing this project

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1. For javascript based webpage to fetch XML data, you can use very simple javascript functions like XMLHttpRequest() etc, search on internet, you will sure get all details.

2. There is no problem in your code, everything looks fine.

3. Other machines means if you want to run this project, in which LabVIEW not installed.


Let me know if you need further any help.

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I already build a simple flex web UI and attached to my project folder and labview web service but, it still didn't work. I can't even get any XML data to the browser and when I deploy with the flex UI it produce error.

Can you look through the file I attached here and help me if possible. tq

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I had quick look on your project, your VI seems fine, problem with Web Service URL mapping.

I can see XML appears with 'Array' name, so change in web service properties >> URL Mapping >> Change >> Data/:waveform to /Array.

Try to get XML data with this link       http://<IP>:8080/<Web Service Name>/Array.


You should get XML Data.



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Thanks a lot for your help. I already did according to your guide but still the XML data didn't want to come out in the browser.


I change the URL mapping (/data/:waveform to /array) and use link of http://localhost/ECG/Array but, it still didn't work.The XML was already appear in the vi front panel but it didn't want to appear in the browser page.



Do you have any idea why this is happening. Do I have to change anything else in my vi ?

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I have changed the project file, attached. 

Tested with restclient, working.


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oh thank you very much but unfortunately my Labview version is 8.6 and i cannot open the file. I think your Labview version is 10.0. Is it possible to make th file compatible with Labview 8.6 ?

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