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Invalid ROI

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Hi Muks,


You showed in this example how to read data from one ROI. Would it be possible with LabView to draw with mouse several or unlimited number of ROIs, to have them all visible on the image and to read their statistics? I know that using Ctrl I can draw several ROIs, but reading ROI's property node gives combined data for all ROIs. How to separate their parameters for further analysis?




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A suggestion . Why not go for particle analysis and extract the particles you desire. If Possible i will suggest you to try this.
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Thank you for the reference. It is very impressive program, but I still do not understand how to extract data from several drawn by mouse ROIs located in ONE window. WindGet Roi takes info from the one particular window (nn 1-15)...


Using Ctrl in this program  just average (as far as I understend) data from several ROIs.




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Hi, hijacking a thread over here but since i've got the same problem so why not. I am trying to read characters from a picture made in paint( just as a test).I have a few questions:


1. About the Region of interest, when i connect a ROI constant to the OCR Read Text 3, it gives an error of invalid ROI. The ROI was extracted from the same picture using the IMAQ select Rectangle and than converted  to an ROI using the IMAQ convert rectangle to ROI vi.


2. Also how can i compensate for changes for the size of the characters?

LabVIEW 8.2,8.6,2009...still learning 😛
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