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Invalid ROI

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I am sure you will be having some image processing functions before/after the extraction. I meant you use a unique buffer name (Imaq create name) so that the images dont get over written.
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dpg1 wrote:

Edit: I misunderstood (big time)...

No problem i "understood" that :smileyvery-happy:

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Haha 😄


Erm I'm investigating something at the moment (Using the IMAQ Histogram VI instead of the Light Intensity Histogram (Rectangle) VI) but I have a quick question - what's the best way to find the miniumum and maximum pixel intensities within and image? Thanks 🙂

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Hmm seems that worked 🙂 Thanks for the help and advice 🙂


If you know a way which I can get the minimum and maximum values from the histogram it would be useful still (but not essential - I think :D)

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Simply unbundle





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Ah but I'm using the IMAQ Histograph VI - is that problematic? Is there a way of getting the maximum and minimum values from this VI?
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Why not use a histogram? what is your image type?
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It was laziness 😛 It's a grayscale 8 bit image. I've changed now and am using the Histogram function - I didn't realise how easy it was to extract the mean and SD. Can you explain the differences between the two VIs for me? (I'm a bit stupid :()


Thanks again for all your help muks 🙂

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To be frank I have never wanted to plot a histogram graph in real time so have never user histograph. from histograph you can get the histogram value but not min/max.
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I see - thanks again for all your help - much appreciated! 🙂
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