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Invalid Image Type Error Code -1074396080

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I was trying to construct a Vi for tracking an object, such as ball or anything stationary, but my Vi would not work because of the invalid image type error. The error occurs in between the "IMAQ Extract Single Color Plane" and "IMAQ Threshold". I have went through other "invalid image type" error related post but I am kind of new to Labview so I cannot fully understand the explanations on these posts. The screenshots includes the block diagram of my vi, front panel and the error message. It will be really great if anyone can help me out! Thank you!

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Accepted by topic author chocho12
07-25-2016 03:44 AM

It seems like you are extracting Red plane from the grey image which is violating the rule. Smiley Happy

Make sure you input the type of image that you are giving to 'IMAQ Cast Image VI'. This will solve your issue.

Note: Its better if you would send a VI attachment instead of screenshot if the VI is not that big or confidential!ImgType.PNG

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Accepted by topic author chocho12
07-25-2016 03:44 AM

I don't get the idea of typecasting RGB(U32) image to RGB(U32)!

-I feel it's redundent and can be simply removed, since there is no specific use i can see in your code.

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It is solved! Thank you for helping me out!!Smiley Happy

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Hi, my english is not very good, so I try explain my problem.


I have the same problem. In two programs in "IMAQ Cast Image VI" I configure with Grayscale U8, then one of the two programs works (the program's name is LeCroy...), but in the other it is not works (the program's name is gen-osci4).


attach the programs. 

Thank you.

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-I would suggest you to create new thread.

-The code is too big to understand. Please try to make use of Creating SubVIs

- And use Project to bind all subVIs together:


-What cameras are you using? Grayscale or Color?

-IMAQ Extract Single Color plane requires color image as input and extracts one single plane and the output result would be Grayscale image.

-IMAQ Cast Image is used to convert one image type another. Here your Image source is i believe grayscale and you are trying to convert to RGB(U32) any reason why?

-Please create a SubVI of only camera portion and post with what you want to achieve and error.

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I attached the program´s image, it is belonging to the function camera with the error.

The cameras sends image in grayscale, the marks of the cameras are Pixelink and PointGrey.


Thank for your help!!

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If the camera sends the grayscale image then what is the use of IMAQ Extract Color plane? Simply delete it.


Edit: Next time while uploading VIs please atleast clear the data in graphs and charts and then upload so that it won't be in MBs.

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Hi !!


I solved the problem with your help. Thaks. But now, when I select the rectangle of the image, give the rectangle' distance 0. I don't know why.

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Start new thread in specific board:
-Post VI along with sample images
-Without sample images we can't decide why the function is not working.
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