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Intuitive manual graph sketching

I want to display the data in a 2-d array on a graph with one set of values as independent variable values and the other as dependent variable values. The graph I want to plot is a smooth curve- even better if user could plot it using a mouse once the points are thrown onto the screen by labview


I can import the 2-d array data using write to measurement file. With a little more work I hope I could work out how to plot the points on xy graph. I could also present on the screen a drawing pad allowing user to draw anything like we do in microsoft paints.


I am thinking of overlapping drawing pad onto the graph and if the pad is made transparent and the points drawn on the xy graph could be viewed, user could easily join the points in a smooth curve on the drawing pad.


Is it possible to change the transarency of the drawing pad?

Could I get easily some help on drawing the relationship on xy grid?


Kind Regards



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Hi Austin

I have few questions for you so I can better understand the situation in which you are dealing with:

The drawing pad function you refer to is this the functions’ exact name and is it one you have made or part of a specific driver set?

What version of LabVIEW are you using?

Can you be more precise on what relationship you are wishing to draw?

 Are you looking to plot a 2D array on an XY graph?



National Instruments UK & Ireland
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Hello Robert,

I have been very successful so for. But I am looking for the best using NI products and Labview. I am using Labview 2010 development suite.

I have managed to pull the data off a 2d array on xy graph and using drawing pad with events and overlapping the drawing pad control over 2d graph I could now plot a smooth curve on front panel. In the ideal world I would like to draw as we draw in microsoft word:

Once a smooth curve is drawn, I should be able to edit the drawn graph as we could do in microsoft word by adding points on the curve and stretching them. I believe it is possible and it might need more time to spend on the development using labview by me.

Alternatively, it is also acceptable to pull a bmp file with a curve drawn in word and break it down into pixels to re-draw in labview. I have no clue how to do it. If you could give few ideas and put me in right direction, I hope that I will be then able to achieve this.


Kind Regards


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