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Intesnisty and Position input analyzed using Labview

I have a motorized actuator which I want to first move using labview and also get feedback on its position using a DAQ card (NI-PCI-MIO-16E-1). I have a lock in amplifier which basically gives me voltage information through a GPIB card that I have. Now I need to implement a VI which can simultaneously do the following:

1) move the motor in steps.

2) get position feedback from the motor

3) get data from the Lock in amplifier

4) Plot a graph of position on the X and Voltage intensity on the Y

Advice, suggestions, comments or questions ? 

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How are you controlling the motor? Are you using a motion card? If you're not using a motion card, what hardware do you have and how is it all set up? Position feedback can be obtained from the DAQ card and the voltage information can be obtained from the GPIB card pretty easily. The examples found in the example finder are great places to start in order to get those two aspects down. If you can get those acquired, plotting them is also pretty easy and there are examples on that as well. Your main challenge will be with the motor so any additional information would help.



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