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Interprocess Communication C++ - LabView

I have a C++ *.exe file wich is grabbing images with a Matrox framegrabber. This program ist startet via "system exec" from LabView. I want to do a kind of time measurement with this program so i need the exact time when the grabbing of frame starts. At the moment I dont know how long the *.exe file needs to initialize the framegrabber (something about 500-1000ms).
My idea is to start a continous grabbing but start saving the images when another command via LabView will be send to the C++ application. But I don't know how to send this command! It should be a kind of a "wait until key pressed" controlled by LabView. Maybe a global bolean or something like that.
I hope somebody can help me!
(programming with LabView 7.0 and Visual C++ 2003.NET)
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What you are looking for is called an “inter-application communication”.

There are several options to realize it. LabVIEW supports TCP/IP, ActiveX or UDP to communicate with another application.  So it’s not as simple as using a “global Boolean” as you mentioned.

I advise you, to use the LabVIEW examples which shipped with the NI example finder to get some programs as reference. Search for keywords like
TCP/IP, ActiveX and UDP.

Attached you’ll find a link to a knowledgebase

Hope this helps.

How Do I Use LabVIEW to Communicate with Other Applications?




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Thanks for your answer! I started implementing a TCP solution with winsock2 yesterday. The LabView part was very easy took 5 min, but to read all the stuff for C++ takes time.
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