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Interpolation of three coloumns


I want to find interpolation value between three sets of data (a,b,c). for the attached example suppose if my ai,bi,ci be 43, 2778, 4.4 i want to find the Z interpolating the three variables. (3D interpoilation) 

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It is not at all clear what it is you want to do.  Why don't you search the Web for "3D Interpolation", read several of the articles, and see which data set and question matches best with what you are asking?  If you can do that, there will probably also be a description of the calculation of the a, b, and c values to give you the z that you desire.


Bob Schor

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What are A, B, C? Are the orthogonal corrdinates? What direction is Z?

Your question makes no sense at all. Do you have a formula for the "interpolation"?


Can you draw us a 3D picture or diagram labeling the various items??

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