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Internal Warning 0xF7CF2FC3 OMUDClassLinker.cpp line 4955 when launching built executable


After launching the built executable from one of my projects I get the following internal warning:

Error dialog boxError dialog box

Internal Warning 0xF7CF2FC3 :  'OMUDClassLinker.cpp', line 4955

LabVIEW version 20.0b.52

For assistance in resolving this problem, please contact National Instruments Support.


Log from %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp is attached

Which points to: DWarn 0xF7CF2FC3: Must run UpdateAllDataDefinitionDependencies before calling this function.


The application still seems to launch and function correctly (not fully tested yet though).


I tried creating a completely new project file and build spec, and only adding the one file to the build, but get the same error.


Any ideas on what could be causing this?

Using LV2018 32 bit

Highly recommended open source screen capture software (useful for bug reports).
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