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Internal Warning 0xB7C5F12E

I am using LabVIEW 2011 SP1. I have a number of vi's that are exported in a dll and a CVI SFP which i am using to interface to this dll. I am intermittently getting a popup detailing Internal Warning 0xB7C5F12E AppInit.cpp line 250 LabVIEW Version 11.0.1. Has anyone seen this error before? I have also seen another issue when i sometimes get a small popup detailing 'Reseting'.
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You're probably going to have to share a bit of your code to get this figured out. The Resetting Main popup is when a VI is forced to exit when it wasn't ready. This can be caused by a hard VI stop or a VI loaded by reference that doesn't finish before you try to exit.


I do not know WinDev, but the DLL created with LV particularly are sensitive to the threads used to activate them.

  • Try to force the thread to avoid the UI thread
  • Program the VI reentrant, it will launch a new instance in case the first is not completely closed.


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