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Intermittent and temporary pause/stop of input data

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Hi, I hope this all makes sense.


I am running an experiment that regulates turbidity levels in two tanks depending on the placement of a fish in the tanks. Because I am dealing with suspended sediment my sensors/probes have a small wiper on them that turns on every 15 min to wipe off any settled sediment. But when the wiper turns on the probes will falsely read high turbidity values. Lastly due to the high variability in my probes I am running a 15 sec average on my probe readings. I, therefore, want to, when the wiper turns on for the running average to pause, if possible, and keep the data from the probes for the 15 seconds prior to the wiper initiation and resume with the values it reads after the wiper is done. I would prefer if it didn't have to start over with all new values which would cause high variability in the first couple of seconds after the wiper. If this is not possible I would be fine with just feeding it the last read turbidity value prior to the wiper started until the wiper is over. But not sure how to do that either


FYI I have a digital input from the probe that lets me know when the wiper turns on.


I have attached a very simple VI with a MeanVI to simulate what happens when the viper turns on. I hope someone might be able to use this VI to help/show me how to do it.


Thank you in advance


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You need a shift register.  Store the current value in it.  If the wiper is on, use the value from the shift register, when it is off, use the real input values.

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Here's a possible example with demo inputs.



The VI is attached for 2017.


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