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Intermittent 88709 "task aborted or device removed" error

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Hello All,


I'm befuddled. The code I've attached (ugly as it is) worked fine for months. Suddenly I'm getting the error 88709 "task aborted or device removed" occasionally at the DAQmx "stop" command. My first question is what are some common reasons why tasks might get aborted? Nothing is getting physically removed, so that's my first suspicion. Right now I don't have error messages for the DAQmx sub VIs wired, though I'm not sure if that would help since the whole VI is getting stopped. The only pattern I've noticed is that I can sit and watch for hours and not see the error. When I leave the VI running by itself (which is pretty much the whole point) I come back to the error screen after a seemingly random amount of time. 


For a little background on what I'm trying to do: The code is supposed to (and has in the past) run an experimental apparatus through a number of different operating conditions, gathering data for each set until the temperatures stop changing (as determined by a sub VI) then moving onto the next set. A for loop steps through an array of clusters, each entry with values for an individual experiment, and starts the equipment. Then a nested while loop gathers data and evaluates whether the temperatures have stopped changing. Right now I initialize\reinitialize the DAQmx tasks inside the for loop, then start and stop the task inside the while loop (see attached). I do this so I have access to the measured values to evaluate my termination criterion, and so I can take a pressure measurement every so often as well (other entry in the case structure). Right now I self test the cDAQ chassis once at the beginning of the whole set of experiments, since I've had issues in the past with it not working if I don't. Perhaps I should be self testing at each for loop?


Any suggestions are extremely appreciated.


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Well the solution for this one makes me feel a bit silly. My IT department changed the way they handle sleep settings, so my computer was going to sleep and interrupting the labview code. I changed my sleep settings and it's working fine again.

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Check out

You can temporarily disable screen saver, sleep, etc, with the aforementioned code.



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