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Intergral for FM Singals

I am trying to created an FM signal by running sinewave through my DSP board. I need to intergrat that signal, so i can input it to the phase of my Labview grenerated Cosine wave. I can figure out how to intergrate it.
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Thank you for posting your questions to the NI Discussion Forums!  However, I am unclear about what exactly you are asking here.  Are you trying to take the mathematical integral of a signal in LabVIEW?  Are you having problems configuring your DSP board?  What version of LabVIEW are you using (number and package)? 


If you clarify your question I’m sure that myself, or another community member will try to help!



Travis M
National Instruments
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we are using a TMS320c6713 dsk board. We were using a signal generator to generate a sine wave, and input it to the board. Then in the board we are trying to intrgrate the message and put it in the phase of the carrier signal, (generated in lab view) to create a FM wave signal. To do this we have to intergrate the message, how do we intrgrate the signal?
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Hello Bob,


I’m not really clear on what you mean by “integrate the message”.


If you are referring to a mathematical integration (as in take the integral of sin(x), then I would recommend using the built in mathematic/analysis VIs (some examples you might consider are “Integral pt. by pt” and “Sine Integral” for example).  You never specified which version of LabVIEW and which distribution you were using, but all the VIs I see to perform calculus operations on signals are not in the base package.  If you have the base package, I would recommend upgrading to the “full” or professional packages to get these VIs.  There is also the possibility that other users have mathematics packages out there for use with LabVIEW that you could use.  If you do have the full or professional version of LabVIEW you can find these by looking in the mathematics palette of LabVIEW in your Functions Palette.  Also you can search for VIs in the functions palette.  When I searched for “integral” I found about 6 related VIs that could help.


If you are using the word integrate in the context of “coordinating or blending parts into a functioning or unified whole” such as: “I would like to integrate signals coming from my signal generator with my DSP board using LabVIEW”, then I would recommend getting started by reading the tutorial about using the NI-DSP toolkit ( and further clarifying the exact problem you are having with your setup.  i.e. are you having problems getting the data from the signal generator?  Is the data bad?  Is the problem with communicating with your DSP? Are there error messages? Etc….


Were here to help!  Please let us know how we can assist-

Travis M
National Instruments
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As Travis said, LV contains several intgeration functions or VIs in the Mathematics palettes.

If you are new to LabVIEW's signal generation VIs, spend a bit of time looking at the results of simple tests on a graph. Some functions generate signals with freqency in units of hertz, while others use a non-intuitive cycles per sample.

It may be easier to simulate the FM by generating your modulation signal, integrating it and feeding the result to the sine(x) function (x in radians). If you want sine(wt +ph(t)), where ph(t) = Integral (Fmod(t)), the approach above should work and will allow you to see exactly what is happening.

Post your attempts so far and someone will likely be able to help.

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