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Interfacing with CCD TCD1103, timing problem

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Hello, I am trying to interface a CCD sensor (TCD1103) through the FPGA of LabVIEW and a NI9401 DIO module and a level converter. Currently, I look at the output on an oscilloscope but when I get a correct output I will try to read it out using the NI9201 Analog Input module.


I found the timing on the TCD1103 difficult to implement on the output sequence to communicate with the CCD. There are 3 lines that have timing requirements the SH, ICG, and Mclk. I coded the different lines in the FPGA but I have not yet found a way to synchronize the data lines. In my current codes, the pulses start to drift apart. 


I added an overview of my code and the timing chart.


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Take a look at the "Digital I/O Applications" section of this white paper for an example that is pretty close to what you are trying to accomplish:


Also, you should be using the Loop Timer function rather than Wait to control your, make sure you understand the difference.


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Thank you, this helped out a lot!

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