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Interfacing Agilent 16700 with Labview using Agilent IntuiLink Connectivity Software

Hello friends,
I am working on a automation project on test chip validation.Here the validation test bed uses an Agilent 16700 Logic analyzer setup which is currently operated manually.The logic analyzer setup runs on a firmware developed by agilent itself.Its operations are to be automated through RPI Remote Programing Interface.
I contacted Agilent guys regarding the device and they suggested me to use COM automation and Agilent IntuiLink Connectivity Software to automate the operation of the device.I have accomplised the basic functions through COM automation like loading a file in the device etc.
Then in the next step i need to load a file into Pattern Gen module which is inbulit into one of the slot of the 16700 LAPG setup.I have written the code but its showing Error--2146959355. This error code doesnot have any explanation attached to it either.I am attaching the vi.Can any one please help me out to solve the issue.It will be a great help from your side.
Thanking You
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Hello Robie,
This error code may be resolved by following the following knowledge base article:
Please let me know if these instructions resolve the issue.
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Hello Tolga,


Thanks for the reply.I have already tried this steps.But could not solve the issue.I am trying to load a pattern gen binary file to Pattern gen module.But I am unable to do so.You can chek the vi.I have attached the vi too in the second message.

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Hi Robie,


Unfortunately I do not have the Agilent Instrument that you have, so I cannot run the VI that you have submitted.  I immediately get an error because the instrument is not found.  Have you turned on highlight execution to determine where the error is coming from?  That might give us a better clue.

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I have solved the issue.Now I am stuck in another phase of the code.I am attaching the Vi

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Hi Robie,


Would you be able to expand on what you mean when you say you are stuck?

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