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Integration in a speedy 33

Hello , Currently I am implementing a BPSK modulation scheme using a speedy 33 target board . Normally in a BPSK demodulation scheme , i understand that it is good to use a integration function and obtain the demodulated output by checking the polarity of the integrated result . The problem that i am facing is , the speedy 33 does not offer a integral function . so i believe i am left with two options . Option 1 : Implement a numerical integration , which i do not know how to do .So i am looking for some help , if somebody could offer any advice on how to go further . option 2 : is there another way of demodulating a signal in a BPSK scheme using a speedy 33 . Regards NonameNoface p:s - I am also attaching the vi file along with this mail , the uncomplete work .
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Perhaps you want to take a look at QPSK.lvproj example in the example finder (found under Toolkits and Modules » DSP » Communications » QPSK.lvproj). It might give you some additional information you need to implement BPSK.

Stanley Hu
National Instruments
Applications Engineering
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