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Instrument reads slow when VI is open

I have a top level VI, and in it a subVI where there is an instrument that is continously checking a folder for a text file to be created which tells the instrument to turn on or off. For some reason, the instrument recognizes the text file being created when the subVI is not open and I am only looking at the top level VI. However, if I have the code running with the subVI open, the instrument does not recognize the creation of the text file. Can someone please give me some insight into why they think this is happening. As a follow up, the instrument used to recongize the text file right away, but for some reason it takes 30 seconds or more to recognize it sometimes, and other times it recognizes it right away. The only thing I added in my code was global variables. I know this is a really vague question, but I am just looking for a little guidance



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Something is going on when you have that VI open (maybe causing a race condition that you aren't seeing when its closed?). But without the code no one will be able to help, so you will have to post that.

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