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Instrument drivers VS library provided by third party manufacturer


Hello Everyone,

I want to use Ametek 7265 lock-in amp to perform some measurements. On the Ametek's webpage I found the "drivers" for LabVIEW:


However, these are not *.lvlib or *.lvproj files, but a single *.llb file. Obviously, when I copy it into instr.lib folder and run LabVIEW, no driver for this instrument is recognized (the device is not present in Installed Instrument Drivers.

I'm wondering how can I use this instrument? Should I create a driver by myself, using the VIs from the library? Or is there some other solution?

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When you program in LabVIEW, you should ALWAYS use a labview project. Copy this llb file into your project folder, and also add the llb to your project tree. Then you can just drag&drop the available subVIs from your project tree into your block diagrams.


edit: ok, actually it is not as handy as a lvlib in the project. Just a moment, I check how to create a palette for llb files so you can have it as a driver palette...

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Ok, this is how you can add an llb to your VI palette, I have followed the description from here:

I recorded a short video to show how you can add your llb to the palette menu:


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Thank you very much, I will check it in a moment and let you all know if it worked for me!

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