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Instructions to uninstall Run-Time Engine by MAC recepients of distributed app


Instructions to uninstall Run-Time Engine by user received the distribuded app on MAC OS

I distributed my lab simulation software (WIN exe MAC app) to students. To run it they installed the Run-Time Engine. When they finished to use my software naturally they need to uninstall it including the Run-Time Engine. There is no clear instructions how to do this on web page for MAC OS. There are some knowledge database discussions for Labview 8.5. I am using Labview 2019. My student have problem to find the Labview run time Engine folder on their MAC and there is no uninstall.command file on their computers at all. Please provide official instructions how to uninstall Run-Time Engine on MAC OS computers for recipients of the distributed apps made by Labview builder. Please post publicly the uninstall.command file for now until NI will fix their Run-Time Engine installation with inclusion this file.


There is a bug in MAC builder: when students tried to run app without Run-Time Engine on their computer they got a link to download it.

But this link to download Labview rather than the Engine that confused students a lot.Hope this bug will be fixed as well.

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