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Installing LabVIEW Community on Rock 4 C+ Board with Ubuntu 20.04

Hello LabVIEW community,


I am currently attempting to install LabVIEW Community Edition on a Rock 4 C+ board that is running Ubuntu 20.04. I have encountered some challenges during the installation process,

After extracting the files from the LabVIEW archive for Linux, I find myself with different files in .deb and .rpm formats. However, I am uncertain about the procedure to follow to finalize the installation of LabVIEW on my microcontroller. I am unsure of how to use these files to install LabVIEW and start coding for my personal project.

Can you provide me with detailed instructions on what to do next after obtaining these .deb and .rpm files and how complete the installation of Labview?



Thank you in advance for your valuable assistance!

Best regards,

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See Install LabVIEW on Linux Operating Systems

However, the Linux version of LabVIEW is only compatible with x86 processors. It is not compatible with Rock 4 C+ Board which uses an ARM processor. Reference: Can I Use LabVIEW on My Linux Machine with an ARM Processor?

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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It would be theoretically possible to use the Rock 4C+ likely as an embedded remote device in the same way as you can use the Raspberry Pi or the Beaglebone Black in conjunction with the Hobbyist Toolkit interface. But that is not an out of box installation experience and absolutely certainly would require some tinkering with the LabVIEW installation on your Intel based host system since the Hobbyist Toolkit only knows about Raspberry Pi (and here also really only the 2B and 3 although it seems to work with the 4 too but treats it as a 3) and the Beaglebone Black board. Some of the interfacing is also board specific, so not all functions may work either.


As explained, the LabVIEW IDE itself is a compiled binary application that is, except for the Mac version, only installable on Intel x68/x64 Systems. For Mac it supports both Intel x64  and Apple Silicon, which is an ARM v8.4 AARCH64 architecture.


The Rockchip R3399 on the Rock 4C+ supports also the ARM v8 A instruction set so the Linux version you use is most likely a 64-bit version too, but that does not mean that you could run the Mac version of LabVIEW on it. And another ARM version of LabVIEW only exists as a runtime environment for the Zynq7000 based realtime targets from NI, and a non-realtime version of this is used for the Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black support in the Hobbyist Toolkit. Since the Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black OS is not binary compatible with the build system used for this runtime engine, NI installs a version of their own NI Linux environment in a chroot on these hardwares and then runs the LabVIEW environment and support libraries in there.


Installation of such a chroot environment with according LabVIEW runtime should be possible on the Rock 4C+ too, but of course there are no guarantees and no support for this.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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