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Installed NI DAQmx 9.4 and upgraded to LV 2009 - but no DAQmx vi's in LV

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Hi as the title says above - Installed NI DAQmx 9.4 and upgraded to LV 2009 - but no DAQmx vi's in LV.


We upgraded from LV 8.5 to 2009. LV 8.5 did not have daqmx vi's before. And even after upgrading to Daqmx 9.4 we still do not have the daqmx vis or the express daqmx assistant vi. We have a USB 6009 device which we want to use and used the driver dvd from the package. Have I installed this correctly - is there a correct method for installation? We upgraded to daqmx 9.4 before upgrading the LV 8.5 to 2009.


Please can someone help?




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You must install device drivers after installing LabVIEW.
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Hi - yes I did that afterwards too. I used the device drivers from the LV 2009 package. Do I need to reinstall everything and start from scratch?


One of my USB devices is fairly new and only recognised in the 9.4 driver so if I reinstall everything and install in this method will I be okay?:


1) Reinstall everything; LV and drivers

2) Install LV 2009

3) Install LV 2009 device drivers

4) Upgrade to daqmx 9.4


thanks. Notay

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Accepted by topic author Notay
You should have just tried reinstalling the newest driver instead of the one from 2009. Try doing that first. If that does not work, try uninstalling DAQmx completely then installing the latest.
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