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Installation/Driver for NI DAQCard-5102


I am attempting to install the driver for NI DAQCard-5102, a PCMCIA card with cable attachment with BNC inputs. I am unable to find any relevant information on the NI website. I am sure this product has been discontinued long ago.


I have installed NI-DAQmx 8.9 as well as LabVIEW 2009 on Windows 7. When I insert the PCMCIA card, I get a Windows error stating that a suitable driver was not found.


I would like help finding the correct driver, installing the DAQ card and verifying that it works. Anyone else use this card with latest LabVIEW and Windows 7/Vista?




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You're going to need NI-SCOPE since the 5102 is part of this product line.


The readme for NI-SCOPE 3.5.1 details your device under "Supported Hardware"


According to the document the PCMCIA card is only support under Windows XP so if your running Win7 you may be out of luck. Regardless, it still might be worth a try. 


Here's the download page for the latest NI-SCOPE:



Hope this helps,


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hello Alln1188

i have run into the same problem, cannot get drivers for win 7 for 5102, how did you end up making it work, do you have an alternative?



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