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Install Laview 7.0 on Windows XP Home


I tried to install Labview 7.0 on a Windows XP Home system and an error on the Kernell.DLL occured. The same thing happened when I tried with Lookout 5.1.

Any Idea what my problem is?

I did a print screen of the error

Please Note, that I'm using the french version of Windows XP

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Hi Averna,

I have had many strange things happen with LV7 & Win-XP Pro. Believe it or not, re-installing Win-XP cured the problem.

I do not know why you are getting the Kernell.dll error. You may want to re-install (update - I think) your Win-XP installation. Hopefully it will cure it as well. You won't have to re-install LV.

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It *might* help if you are logged on as an Administrator

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I always log on as administrator...

And always buy the "Pro" version of the OS.

XP is my last purchase of MS products... That's it next time I switch to Linux / Unix...

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Fortunately, I have not had any problems with either XP Pro or XP home, and for LabVIEW there should be little difference.

Have a look at the comparison matrix.

You absolutely need XP Pro if you have multiple processors. The rest of the additional features are mostly geared for a corporate environment to work better with centralized management and support. None of these are really useful in a standalone environment. I am using both, but I have never encountered any limitation on the "XP home" machine during use.

If you want the "remote desktop" feature, install VNC. 😉
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Hi Altenbach,

I guess in due time everbody encounters a problem with something.,...
With me it's definitely XP (and one automobile maker 😠 )

As for LV or any other NI product (as I stated earlier), I have never seen any problem.

I spoke with several people, most did have problems when going to SP2.
However, they were successful on the 2nd try... After reformating the drive... 😠

A friend suggested creating a "Slip-stream" installation CD which includes SP2..

I am unhappy with XP, so I'd better stick with 2000.. It does everything I need and I have no complaints about this one (at least one browny point for Uncle Gates).

XP Home & Pro should basically be the same, especially to run LV7.


Cheers to NI for good products... 😄


hey!! where did that tomatoe come from?????

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