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Install LabView 2019 on hard drive other than C:

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So, I recently downloaded the NI software bundle Spring 2019 because I wanted to upgrade from LabView2018 SPI1. To my disappointment, NI Package Manager doesn't allow me to choose a destination path and installs everything under C:/Program Files/ . Unfortunately, I don't have enough disk space on my SSD, so I wanted to have the option to install it on my other HDD, D:/.


This was possible when I installed LabView2018 SP1 in the past. Please note that I want to install the FPGA module with the Vivado 2017.2 compilation tools, so disk space is a serious issue...

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I am searching for this question too... I couldn't find a good answer. Someone suggested renaming the C: and 😧 drive temporarily. I have not tried it yet. Anyone else come across a better method?

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I got some more information on the topic from NI Support. You will want to change the directory manually within the registry key. Go to Windows Run and type in "regedit".


32-bit Software

1. Manually create your desired directory in the 😧 drive. For example, D:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments.

2. Manually create, edit if already exists, the registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\National Instruments\Common\Installer

NIDIR = D:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments


64-Bit Software

1. Remove WOW6432Node

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\National Instruments\Common\Installer

2. Instead of NIDIR use NIDIR64. Also, they can't equal the same path value.

NIDIR64 = D:\Program Files\National Instruments

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I wonder if there's a reason they don't let you choose?

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If there is a reason, I do not know it. At least there is a work around.

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Accepted by topic author TurboCostas

Hi guys,


Thought I would link you guys to the KB we have released about this. This is in the off chance that somebody finds this forum before the KB.




Technical Support Engineering

National Instruments

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I "solved" this issue (I wanted the NIPM to download the install packages somewhere else) by creating a junction point in my file system.


I simply made a single folder point to a folder on another disk..... Not exactly the thing we should have to do to retain control over where stuff is on our PCs.

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It's not ideal. I have submitted a feature request for this so hopefully, this is something that we can get implemented in a future release of NIPM

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I have not had much luck with this proceedure. When installing Veristand to my second hard drive, the 64bit directory only has the .exe and nothing else. It doesn't launch.

I've attempted a full format/install of Windows on my C: but no behavior change. NI Support Request has not been able to find resolution either.


This is a much needed feature. My primary HDD is 256GB SSD and that's just not enough when using NI software (especially FPGA compile tools) with Windows as your primary development HDD.

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Hi PBarrett,


the simple/fast/rather cheap solution is to upgrade to a 512GB SSD…

Best regards,

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