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Install HID driver directly with labview


it's possible to install a .inf driver directly with labview?


I would like to install a personal driver to a HID device that Windows set like a generic Human Interface.

Do you have an example cose? It's possible?

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Hello Lesterino!


The Human Interface Device (HID) class is used for devices such as mice, keyboards and other devices that belong to the °Usb family° 🙂


By using the National Instruments Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA), you are able to configure, program, and troubleshoot instrumentation systems comprising GPIB, VXI, PXI, Serial, Ethernet, and/or USB interfaces.


Visa Driver Development Wizard gives you the opportunity to create the .inf file and then install the .inf file and the Usb device using this .inf file.

Then you can test the device with the NI-VISA Interactive Control.

Below I am sending you a link to a tutorial which shows you the way step by step. 


Let me know if it's this which you are searching for!


Best regards,

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Dear Mr Vandoulakis,

thank you for information, but I am searching for a .vi code to automatically install a .inf driver when a USB HID (but probably could be a general .vi for other devices) is plugged into a pc.


This .vi could:

1) detect the selected VID and PID

2) install the .inf driver from a directory




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There is no VI to do that. What you're describing is an operating system operation. You can probably write a VI that hooks into all the operating system events that happen when you insert a device, and then make all the operating system calls to handle the driver installation....


... but why bother? It's likely to be far more trouble than it's worth.

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I have a HID and every time I plug it into pc the system install automaticly HID defoult driver.

Can anyone have an example .vi for this?




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Your question still does not make any sense. Since the OS is automatically installing the driver, why do you need another program to do the same thing?
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Because I need to install a different driver than microsoft windows defoult HID driver!

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This is not something an application should or could do. Especially in modern OSes. You need a specific installer that does all the right things in terms of installing the inf file. And this installer needs to run with administrative rights in all Windows versions and with elevated privileges in Vista and higher.  you don't want your user to have to enter the admin password dialog each time something like this happens.


Instead you need to have an installer that does all this. LabVIEW is NOT the program of choice to write installers. I never would do this and so would most others, so if you want to go that route you likely will have to implement it yourself.


You can include the driver installer as a post installation process to your LabVIEW application installer.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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