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Insert a table with the desired format into a bookmark



My problem is that I would like to insert a formatted table into an existing table in a word template. Currently what I am doing is that I am using "Append Table to" with bookmarks to insert tables into tables that I have already created in my template. But the format of this table is "basic" (see picture attached).

How can I modify the format of this table that I'am inserting (to change cell colors for example) ? 


I have tried to use the "Word Fromat" to modify the table that I have created and inserted but the index doesn't detect tables into tables, it only take in account the table "in first plan".


I have also tried to create table with the "Word Easy" but I can't decide where the table has to be placed into my word template (can't use bookmark).


I hope someone will be able to help my on that.





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With the Report Generation Toolkit, there is an example "Word Report - Conditionally Formatted" who could help you.

This toolkit is included with LabVIEW Professional Development.


Have a good day.

NI France

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