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Insert Network variables into nominator and denominator of a transfer function

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Hello guys,


I am currently doing my masters thesis. The Task is to simulate a throttle valve in Labview. I am using Labview 2020 and a cRio 9053. The SW-Version of the Control Design and Simulation Module is 20.0.

The throttle valve consists of a 2 pin DC motor, a gearbox and the valve itself. I simulated the DC motor with two transfer functions, one for the armature and one for the inertia and friction combined following the attached picture. In the picture, the B stands for the friction coefficient and can be found in the denominator of the second transfer function. The model runs inside a timed loop.

As the motor starts rotating, the static friction turns into sliding friction. Therefore i calculate the resulting friction depending on the current angular velocity and write it into a network variable called "Gesamtreibung1". Is it possible, to set this variable as a coefficient in the denominator of the transfer function?

If not, are there any other possibilities or ideas, how i could solve the problem?

I hope i explained the matter correctly.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Could you please explain the task more detailed, I didn't get the idea.

By the way, by looking your code I recommend you to have a look this document.

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Problem is solved. Thank you!

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