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Initialize myRIO with LINX.

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Hi, everyone!

I'm trying to make a myRIO project using LINX for the code. My problem is that I don't know how to 

read or initialize the device using LINX.

If you can explain to me how can I do it, or show me a VI example where you use the LINX code with myRIO, I'd be grateful.

Thanks advance!

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Galeano, I found this forum from the LabVIEW MakerHub community that can be useful for you: LINX for NI myRIO-1900


Apparently, the best place to start is enabling the myRIO support for the toolkit in LabVIEW: Tools»LabVIEW Hacker»LINX»myRIO Support.


All the best,

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Hey Oscar,

Thanks for the response!

I've already saw that forum, and I did the "enable myRIO support" and so. My problema is now in the select channel for "Check channel" tool. I don't know exactly what channel it's asking me for and how I could configure it. 


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Accepted by topic author Galeano

Here I found a solution to read the device myRIO. 

The code was made to read the MPU sensor parameter using myRIO, and LINX code.

Thank you anyway, Oscar!

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