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Indicators and Controls on my GUI application move out of alignment when run on chinese windows 10.


I have a data logging application wsritten on Labwied 2012 that has been used for calibration purposes for several years throughout the world, although in low numbers less than 10. I have had no problems with the GUI until recently when a distributor from Tiawan installed it on their Laptop running Chinese windows 10 at 1366 by 768 resolutions. On my GUI I have several arrays of numerical values that normally aligned, these became offset and staggered and not asthetic at all. I have run the same software on a UK Windows 10 machine at the same resolution without any issue has anybody any ideas?

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That sounds like the typically font issue.

Did you include the font entry in the *.ini file for your exe?

You can copy them from your LabVIEW.ini

Make sure you use the font name rather than "0".

example: systemFont="Segoe UI" 13


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