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Index Values of an Array inside a Cluster inside an Array

I have a complex control, specifically an array
of clusters with a number of controls inside. One of the controls inside the cluster is an array. There does not seem to be any way to make the index values of the inner arrays independent. I.e. if I change the index value of the inner array of array element 0 of the outer array, the index value of the inner array of all the other elements changes also. I realize this is because there is one single index value property which controls every array in every cluster within the outer array. I still need to get around this though. Any suggestions?
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Hi Bridget,

That is the nature of the beast (arrays).
All elements must be identicle.
Use a cluster for display purposes and then convert it back to an array it you are going to be using it elsewhere.

See attached for a quick hack that does something close to what you want (I think).

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Thanks, but for what I was trying to do I needed the array control on the front panel, not just in the back panel in the code. I have realized that this is probably not going to work so I am now going to pull the inner array out of the cluster and outer array and work with it separately.

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