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Incremental Encoder (Megatron SPNT Series) and NI USB-6009

Hello everyone,

just came across the forum. I have questions about NI USB 6009 and a rotary incemrental encoder. I am currently using the NI USB 6009 and the Megatron Incremental Encoder SPNT series for my project. My arrangement is as follows:

Channel A and B from the encoder are connected to port1/line0 and port1/line1 respectively.

I am using the 5V and connected to the Ground as well (standard wiring).

My question is how can I plot the the square waveform signal? I need that information so I can calculate the angular velocity.

I really appreciate your help

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The USB 6009 is a low cost device. It does provide timed acquisition on the analog inputs but none on the digital inputs. This means that in order to acquire a meaningful waveform for your two digital signals, you will actually have to connect them to the analog inputs and setup a timed analog acquisition for them. You can then do your analysis on the analog measurements or convert the analog values into a digital waveform if you absolutely want to.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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