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Increment/Decrement buttons

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I have a question here.

How can I use a single Increment/Decrement buttons to control multiple numeric controls? 

I may use different cases to define which particular numeric control is under controlled. Each numeric control has its private pair. Can I use a single pair to control multiple?


Thanks for help!



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Accepted by phyyu

You can use boolean buttons as the increment and decrement buttons for a group of numerics.  Then use (carefully) local variables to update all the numerics.  I say carefully because depending on how and when you read the numerics in your code, you may read in the middle of updating the values and read some that have been incremented/decremented and some that are still the previous value.

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Thank you!  I was thinking use the value property node, but the local variables are much better.


Actually, I were trying to make an alarm system, the user could setup the time and alarming when the setting time is arrived (could be daily or single time in a specific day),similar like the alarm app on the phone.  The VIs in Timing palette look like don't have one work in this way. Any good suggestion?


Thanks again!

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More specifically,how could we setup a certain time spot to compare with the current time?

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I figured out myself Smiley Tongue

use timestamp const (could setup a time spot) and compare with current time, just like the number..


Thanks anyway.



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Are the operators allowed to type numeric values into any of the controls?  If so, do all the other controls need to change at the same time?


If you will only be using increment/decrement and never direct data entry, you can change your numeric controls to indicators and get rid fo the local variables.



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