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Increase Registry Reference Count with Labview Installer

I am trying to create an installer that is using an ActiveX control.  There are instructions on what files need to be installed and registered (See attached pdf).  I think I have the files going to the proper destinations and the ones that require registration I have checked the register COM in the source file settings section.  However I am unsure about two items.


1.  There is a file ( that needs to be registered, how do I go about doing that?


2. There is a statement in the instructions as follows:


All files marked with *) must be registered using regsvr32.exe. It is very important to copy all files to the target computer, before registering these files. Most setup toolkits have an option to automate this task.

For all files marked with **), you have increase their reference counts in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs. Most setup toolkits have options to perform this step automatically.


I am not sure how to accomplish this in the Installer?







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Hi Terry,


The answer to your question is quite involved. We have this knowledge base article that you can follow for registering ( and similar files. You will write a LabVIEW executable that uses the System Exec VI to register the ActiveX dll. To include them in the installer, under the Installer Properties»Advanced..., select Run executable after installation and add the above executable. Therefore when the installer is finished your executable that registers the dll will automatically run. While this process is pretty involved that should be all you need to do.  Hope this helps!



Travis Ann

Customer Education Product Marketing Manager
National Instruments
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