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Incorrect constant size and value after multiple Undo/Redo operations


First of all, I understand this can be very old issue, but I didn't find any mention of it anywhere.



Windows 8.1

LabVIEW 2018 SP1 f4


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Place a constant on your BD;
  2. Change its value multiple times, completing the edit operation in between;
  3. Use Undo / Redo operation multiple times in a random order.

Expected Result:

Constant values change in the same order you've changed them. Constant size correspond to its value.


Actual Result:

Value order is messing up, some values get lost completely. Constant size is messing up.



[Edit:] Reported to NI with SR #7808322.

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NI Technical Support wrote:

I find that this bug is known for a long time.
At this moment development group is focused in high priority issues but I hope this bug will be fixed in the near future.


CAR number: 1065457.

Well, I guess this issue with fundamental functionality (probably 0-day) is not high priority...

OK, at least it will be reconsidered. (maybe)

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