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Including a table containing a column of property nodes into html report


Hi All,


I have a table in my front panel, which includes a column of property nodes. I need to append this table into the html report generated. I do not want to use this table as an image in the report. Hence, I'm using 'append table to report' function. In the report generated, all the columns of the table get populated except for the column of property nodes. Is there any possible way to populate this column in the report as well? The property nodes consists of an active cell with background color. 


Thank you

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No idea.  I don't know what you mean by "a column of property nodes".


But if you attached an actual VI with some actual data saved as default, showing what you are doing now, then it might be possible for us to understand what you are trying to do and suggest a method to accomplish it.

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Thank you for the response, I'm sorry I will not be able to share the VI since the data is quite sensitive. I will attach a screenshot of the column which I need to include in my report. Kindly help me regarding this.


Thank you

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Are you talking about the column of green with a single black cell?

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Property nodes exist on block diagrams, not in elements of tables.  Elements of tables are strings.

Looks like you are using a column of a table as an indicator, just applying a background color for the indication.

If the column is empty (which I suspect), it won't get included in the report.

Applying color (or any other attributes) to a cell does not put any content in the cell.

Try just putting a space character in one cell in that column.

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Yes, the same column. The column is getting populated in the front panel. Only the report is not getting updated with that column

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What do you expect it to look like in your report?


As Paul said, using the HTML report transfers data to the report, not visual properties of a table.

Do you want to put text into that report, or make the cells have colors in the same way as your table shows colors on the front panel?


Either way, you need to read the properties of the table to see the cell color.  Then either build an array of data to pass along.  Or use other functions within the report generation toolkit to format the cell colors in your report.

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I want the colored cells to appear in my report. Along with the color, I want some text to be written over the color. The colors in these cells depend upon a condition. 


Later, this array of cells is passed on as an input to build the table along with other columns.. Right now the table in the front panel displays these colors. But I'm unable to obtain them on the report. How can I solve this?

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You'll need to me activeX code to color the appropriate cells of the table.


I don't know if there is anything built into the report generation toolkit to allow you to do this to make it easier.

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