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Importing and displaying DXF files into Labview

Mr. Labviou, how do you finished your task? Did you find any solution?

I am finding solution for this problem too.


Is there any complete example of importing and displaying dxf into, for instance, "3D picture" indicator?

Dxf is open format and his structure is well known. I am able to do some interpreter, but it is time consumption, like said Mr. Labviou.

There must be comprehensive solution i think.


Mr. Philip Courtois, could you create simple example of importing and displaying dxf into, for instance, "3D picture" indicator please?



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I found this C# code:
It seems like a good way, because it is parsing entities.
I compiled DXFImport.cs into DLL and i am playing with functions via .NET connectivity.
I saw the C# before ages, and my experience is to low, i will have to fight...  Smiley Sad




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can you please upload the vi for that? 


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Sorry, but all vi was deleted and forgotten.
I rather used STL format, which have better support from LabView.

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I need to perform the same task: read and display a DXF document on the LabView front panel, without loosing the dimensional information.

Anyone make any progress?

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While DXF is indeed an open format that also usually means that every implementer has his or her own ideas about implementing specific details that the definition doesn't go into every detail to explain, which usually means that DXF from one application does not directly give the same result than from another application. The result is that any solution one could come up with is very time consuming to implement for one application source already and won't work seemlessly with other DXF sources.


Unless someone wants to port the mentioned C# solution to LabVIEW, I guess the most feasable solution is to compile that C# solution into a .Net component and use that from within LabVIEW.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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Since there hasn't been any LV code here is an example of getting data from a dxf file into something usefull in LabVIEW and make a drawing from it to show on the frontpanel.

This is just a quick and dirty example, but maybe ppl can use something from it.


Created in LV 2015

Included export to LV 8.6




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Hi Nissen,

Would you be able to re-post the 8.6 version? I got an error code 6 "could not open block diagram" when trying to open it. Most of the sub-vis open fine & are very intriguing, but the main "" & "" open w/ that error.

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I am able to open the block diagram. What version of LabVIEW are you opening this file with?





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