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Implement pickits.dll in LabVIEW

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you have to take the "Basic" Constructor and the method "Initialize_MyDevice" with the parameters USBIndex = 0 and ProductID = 0xA04.

With this settings you have access to the LIN serial analyzer (APGDT001) in LabView.

Try it and give me feedback if it works.


You're welcome!

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This sentence returns false:


Dim PID As UShort = &HA04
If (PICkitS.Basic.Initialize_MyDevice(0, PID)) Then


But Network analyzer tool can detect the hw...


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Hello joisef,

I want to read a lin message from APG Lin Serial Analyzer.

You wrote after "initiaize_mydevice" you can set the baudrate for lin.

But in BasicConstructor I can't find a function for setting the baudrate.

Should I instead use the "LIN" constructor with "change_lin_baud_rate" function?

Or which function did you use?


Do you know wich funktion I need to read a lin message which was send to APG Lin Serial Analyzer?


Kind regards


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Hello Tanja,


this project is long time ago. So I have this misremember. Although I have search in old files and i have found this cutout.

For receive a message you can try OnReceive or OnAnswer. Recommendable is also the documentation PICkit Serial DLL (PICkitS.dll) Function Prototypes.


Good luck and wish you the best.




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Please I'm trying to control a PICKIT 4 device using Labview and I use the pickits.dll but it does't work. I wanted to nkow if it's possible and if yes how?

Best regard. 

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hello, i have a problem, or i don't know for sure what to do, i have a serial analyzer and a resistive touch screen that i want to connect to labview but i can't see them or i don't know from where to connect, you think you can help me with my problem?

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hello, i have a problem implementing a pickit dll, do you think you can help me?

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