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Image transmission using IMAQ

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Am working with Image transmission using IMAQ in LabVIEW.I receive the values at the receiver side.but my received image is plotted only row wise.Image is not getting plotted coloumn wise.Please help me to recover the image at the receiver.I have attached the code for transmitter and reciever

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Accepted by topic author mohithssai2014

A lot of things are wrong with the code, like unnecessary use of locals and sequence structures. Not to mention the completely disordered wiring, or the complete lack of any architecture or sub VI's.


But back to the problem you identified yourself...


You configured VISA to use \n termination. The Array To Spreadsheet String will terminate each line with a \n... So you will never get more then one line. Before sending the string, you need to replace those \n characters for something else. And when receiving the string, you need to replace that back to \n. That is probably the quickest fix, not necessary the best...


Did you have any form of LabVIEW education? Like a course or something? You should. This style of programming won't get you very far.

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Thank u for your suggestion..Am new to Labview

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@mohithssai2014 wrote:

Thank u for your suggestion..Am new to Labview

That's ok (, but don't skip the (free) courses). Kudo for accepting a solution!

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