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Image Processing for Bottle Detection

Hello! I currently doing Master Degree Program about Image Processing for bottle detection. 

I have perform following processing:

1. Acquire image from webcam 

2. Convert RGB image into binary image with boolean output (0,1)

3. Select botle with ROI Global Rectangle. If bottle detected, LED indicator turn "on". 

The code work fine. However, when I apply morphological operation before converting into binary image it display error when performing ROI, "error 1074395720 Invalid ROI".


Please kindly give me suggestion

Thank You


King Mongkut University of Ladkrabang

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Hi Issara,


You will get error -1074395720 IMAQ Read Barcode, Invalid ROI when using IMAQ Read Barcode VI if the ROI descriptor passed is incorrect according to this document:


AE KB 3EODQ7CH : Region Of Interest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Please check it out. I hope this helps.


Best regards,

Daniel C.

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Thank for your help, but it seem like I can't open your link.

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Hi Stalkerz, 


This one should work:


Region Of Interest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Daniel C.

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