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Ignoring cRIO Host Control via Network Variables

I have a PC Host application that defines the operating state of my cRIO using Network Variables.  In some cases the cRIO must ignore the Host control and define its own operating state.  As an example, think of a simple boolean ON/OFF front panel control switch.  The user operates the front panel switch and it's value is assigned to a Network Variable which the cRIO reads and reacts to.  On a CompactDAQ platform for example, my LabVIEW application could use the Property Node to define the value of the ON/OFF front panel switch and also disable the control so the user could not change it.  I need this functionality in the cRIO world.  However, the cRIO cannot directly control the Host's front panel controls.  Thus, I'm looking for an elegant way to handle this scenario.  One solution is to use a Network Variable to communicate to the Host to redefine the value and disable it's front panel control, but there appears to be a race condition here - the cRIO needs to ignore the current value of the control as defined by the Host while in the meantime the cRIO is communicating via a Network Variable to the Host to redefine and disable the control.  Hopefully this is not confusing and any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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You need additional handshake variables to toggle the control from Host to cRIO.

Implement a request and acknowledge control szenario.



Hope it helps



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