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IVB Geometry.llb>>IVB Geometry >> IVB >> IMAQ Bisecting Line Block Diagram ERROR

pc : notebook windows 2000

tools : labview 7.1

          vision buielder AI 2.6.1

content: convert from vision buielder AI to  labview_code

IVB Geometry.llb>>IVB Geometry >> IVB >> IMAQ Bisecting Line Block Diagram  <- calculation ERROR

Input Data is

Line1: Point1:X:255.9 Y:154

          Point2:X:255.9 Y:196

Line2: Point1:X:316.1 Y:152

          Point2:X:316.1 Y:194

Bisecting Line : Point1:X:0 Y:0

                         Point2:X:0 Y:0

Output  Data is

Bisecting Line : Point1:X:316.1 Y:2.76171E+7   <= Error

                         Point2:X:316.1 Y:2.76171E+7   <= Error

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That's doesn't sound good. If you didn't miss in telling us an important detail it seems to be a bug.
To enable me (and all the other people looking at the forums) in reproducing the problem you should post your inspection (saved with VBAI) side by side with the image you used to produce this bug.
I have the Vision Development Module 8.0 installed. The IMAQ Bisecting Line.VI does not show up this problem. It has a well-behaved output.
Another recommendation: A good location for this post would have been Machine Vision.
Best regards, Guenter
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