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I have a problem to solve on my application.

I'm using MODBUS protocol to connect my computer to a inverter driver. The protocol using is not the problem.

I have to insert one value A, 7 secondes after a value B and 6.5 seconds after a value C. All these values to the same Data input on MODBUS block.

I think I don1t have enought knowledge to complete this task because I cannot find a structure or syntax to solve this.

Could anyone helpe me please?


Already grateful, Bruno Ivo.

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Greetings, have you taken the basic courses for LabVIEW? This problem sounds like a very simple task for the elapsed time express VI. I can think of at least 4 ways to solve this right off the bat, and I'm certain there must be more. Just think dataflow:

-Insert value A

-Elapsed time VI waits for 7 seconds to pass

-Insert value B

-Elapsed time VI waits for 6.5 seconds to pass

-Insert value C

-End writing and wait for trigger again


You could even split it into 3 SubVIs for educational purposes.

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I did indeed.ok,I thought about doing like that.the problem I found (I assume that is ladylike said)is that,themodbus block only accept one wire at its data input.And to insert 3 different values with time delay I have 3 wires on their outputs to connect to my only box. Did I make my self clear? I don't know if you understand what I mean.

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What makes it easier is that all the values for now are already defined, like, 9,6... and I just want them to go on my data input of the modbus box with the time delay... but I'm not managing to do that because I get 3 different wires to connect on it. I was thinking if there's a function that updates one value based on some operations... so then I could connect this only box to the modbus box and my problem would be solved

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Clear as mud. It would be helpful if you posted your code or a snippet (not a screenshot) of it, so we could better see what you are trying to do. Also why do you need to wait before inputing data?

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