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ISCO pump - getting Total Received Flow

Hello everyone,


I am Right now developping a LabView software which aim is to control one pair of 100dx syringe pump.

The pair is used as a backpressure regulator. I need to know how much fluid is being received by my pump(s), and I think the total volume could tell me how much fluid has been received by my pump. Is there a command that I could use to know that information ?


Small precision: the pump is set as "receive", and I'd like to get the volume of fluid received by the pump, not the volume delivered. 


Thank you all!



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You are asking something which you should read in your manual. We do not have your manual, you even did not attach it. You expect that someone will search for this specific product, download its manual, read it through, and tell you the solution?

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Well, I didn't expect such an angry reply. so:


- If I am asking here that's because the manual doesn't give any clear indication. pretty obvious I shall say.

- I passed through several topic talking about the communication betwen labview and an ISCO pump, so I am opening a topic hoping that someone that specifcaly uses an ISCO pump could help me. And the answer I could get would surely help other users later.

- Did I ask someone to dl the manual and read it for me ? Did you just assume I was actually lazy ? really...


No need to reply to that post Blokk.





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Sorry if you took my post as an "angry reply", I just wanted to point out that if you attach a manual, you get a help faster/with higher chance (I often search for manuals to provide help in this forum when the OP does not provide one, and I might be a bit too impatient today, sorry). Even better, if you attach your VI to show what you tried so far, and what you find to be a problem / not clear in the communication method.


Never programmed such a pump, but I had a quick look at the pdf, from page 147, "Table 7-4 Serial Commands". By the way: do you use serial comm in your setup? Is there an available LabVIEW driver, or you programmed the comm using VISA yourself?

I see these modes in the table:

A, B, C, D refer to the pump connection.
P- Constance Pressure
F- Constant Flow
R- Refill
PG- Pressure Gradient
F1- Flow Gradient 1 Pump
F2- Concentrated Gradient 2 Pump
CF- Continuous Constant Flow
CP- Continuous Constant Pressure
MO- Modifier Mode 2 Pump
MM- Modifier Mode 3 Pump

I am a bit confused, which one of these the before-mentioned "receive" mode? The "Refill" mode?

You wrote: " I'd like to get the volume of fluid received by the pump, not the volume delivered. "

Can you explain further? So you want to get the rate, or an integral value for the total received fluid? I did not see a command to get total received volume, but you can calculate for a certain time interval the received one: it is equal to the output total volume plus minus the syringe volume (this is the uncertainty...).


I imagine, another option would be, to check regularly the status of the pump ("STATUSA"), and if it is in REFILL mode, you can integrate up the "refill rate limit" value (RLIMITA) for that time to get total received value. But I am not sure about this, I am not familiar with this product at all...


EDIT: I see at page 149, the same table as above:

Return the volume remaining in cylinder in ml. Format is “XXX.XXXX” ml.

Returns the total volume delivered when using continuous flow or modifier.

Hmm, I am not sure, but I guess your total received volume should be equal with the "volume remaining in the cylinder" + "total volume delivered"?  See the above commands how to read out these values.


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@Blokk wrote:

Hmm, I am not sure, but I guess your total received volume should be equal with the "volume remaining in the cylinder" + "total volume delivered"?


I've messed with ISCO pumps before but only had to deal with the standard readouts such as mode, rate, delivered volume, etc. This is probably how I'd do it. Just keep in mind the initial volume of fluid in the pump (if any) when calculating the total received volume.

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Thanks guy. and no problem Blokk.


My problem is that the commands VOL (including VOLTOT) concerns the volume delivered. However, my pumps is used as a backpressure regulator, and therefore receives the fluid every now and then in order to maintain a set pressure. And this is this amount of fluid "received" that I would like to know.


 Edit, I've attached a snippet of my code. not the entire VI, sorry.

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I'm pretty sure VOL returns the current cylinder position, whether it's coming or going. Assuming that's the case, you could monitor STATUS, record VOL when STATUS becomes REFILL and record VOL when status is no longer REFILL. The delta will tell you how much fluid has gone into the pump.

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What you say does make sense. However in constant pressure mode the status doesn't switch from refill to delivering. 

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You might check MODE then. Perhaps it switches from R to P.

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